SUPPORT: Berlin – we're coming! BWT water+more, top water partner of the barista community, is delighted to be Event Host Sponsor at World of Coffee 2019. +++ TASTE: We prepare espressi with a variety of optimised waters. Taste the difference! +++ ROC: Our ROC star will be there. We will be presenting BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee, a powerful reverse osmosis system that transforms any water into the best coffee water. ROC your water! +++ REFRESH: Give your taste-buds the chance to reset at our water cart – optimally mineralised water refined with fresh herbs. Now you can continue to the next coffee completely relaxed!

World of Coffee 2019, organised by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), is the biggest, brightest and most exciting coffee event of the year. It is being staged from 6–8 June at the Messe ExpoCenter City in Berlin – with thrilling competitions between the world's best baristas and coffee professionals, any amount of innovations from the world of coffee, interesting workshops, seminars and much more.

We at BWT water+more are continuing our successful partnership with the SCA and, for the fifth time in a row, we are lining up as event host sponsor of World of Coffee. Because coffee is our passion, and truly outstanding coffee needs the best water. Incidentally, did you know that a coffee comprises 98% water?

World of Coffee

BWT water+more: The best that can happen to your water

As a water optimisation specialist operating on an international footing, we at BWT water+more have an overview of water situations worldwide and support the international barista scene with our full know-how. We know what really counts – comprehensive protection for machinery against limescale and corrosion. And we have the vision for much, much more: more enjoyment, and more success – through our sensory water optimisation, enabling baristas to reach unimaginable heights of flavour and celebrate boundless triumphs. Anywhere in the world, and whatever the water situation. Modern water treatment extracts the maximum flavour from the brown beans! And that is true everywhere and at all times, regardless of the point of use. For problem-free repeatability and boundless enjoyment. That requires comprehensive vision for the water situations around the world. And because this far-sighted vision is precisely what we do, we invite you to visit us in Berlin.


BWT water+more

Filter and reverse osmosis for multidimensional water optimisation

BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee
Reverse osmosis with remineralisation for consistently better coffee water

BWT bestmax
The all-rounder for water optimisation in the food service sector

The natural one with the unique zero formula for silver-free natural balanced water

BWT bestprotect
The preventer of limescale and gypsum for a good pH value

The taste expert with BWT magnesium technology improved extraction and crema

Worldwide water expertise for local solutions


Dr. Frank Neuhausen
Managing Director

Hello! Our philosophy is gaining ground internationally. We can best serve the coffee business by offering leading water technology for limescale prevention and the sensory system.


Manfred Knauseder

Grüß Gott! Austrian coffee culture has a long tradition. And we have wild young baristas. All coffee enthusiasts in the country reap the benefits of our water optimisation for protection of the machinery and for the sensory system.


Stefaan Esprit
Belgium & The Netherlands / Export Arabic Countries (UAE)


Hallo, bienvenue! Here coffee is a lifestyle with a long and cherished tradition and gourmets who insist on quality. The same goes for the water and its perfect optimisation for the coffee.


Michael Zák
Czech Republic

Czech beer? You must be joking! Every town here has at least one kavarná (café) with its own unique history and particularly tasty speciality coffees.


Jesper Vos

Hej! In Scandinavia we drink incredible amounts of coffee! It's great that here we can offer all coffee-lovers the best solutions for optimising their water.


Christophe Latuilerie
France / Export Asia


Bonjour! In France it's rare to have a meal that isn't crowned with a coffee. Speciality coffees, too, are on the march everywhere. It's good to know that we have water optimisation solutions for every type of coffee.


Michael Hübner

Hallo! Our country offers all the water qualities you could imagine, from ultrahard to extra soft. It's great to be able to offer coffee-lovers multidimensional solutions for water optimisation.


Vera Petro

Csaó! Coffee culture is vibrant in Hungary. The classic mocca and the new coffee specialities enjoy the benefit of the knowledge of our coffee enthusiasts and our solutions for water optimisation.


Sergio Barbarisi

Ciao! A coffee consists of up to 98% water. It's time to focus on the taste of the water. This message and our water optimisation products are very well received in the homeland of espresso and the like.


Paweł Dutkiewicz

Cześć! The whole of Poland is discovering good coffee and opening new cafés every day. And for this booming business we offer filter solutions for perfect limescale prevention and the best taste.


David Gasull
Spain & Portugal

Hola, olá! In almost no other region does coffee have as many faces as it does here. And everyone is convinced that they have the best coffee in the world. So it's good to know that we are doing all we can to ensure the water for this coffee meets this high standard.


Marco Gnägi

Salü! In Switzerland we have very demanding coffee gourmets. We know that they will only be satisfied with the very best. And only our water filtration solutions when it comes to the water.


William Hinton

Hi! We Brits may love tea, but we drink more coffee. Many coffee enthusiasts swear by our method of water optimisation. After all, it's the taste that counts.


Evgeniy Doroshenko

Our capital of coffee is Lviv. The cafés of the city invite guests to sample a wide range of coffee variants. That’s an offer no visitor to the city should miss under any circumstances.


Reiner Stanelle

Here in the USA there are two coffee worlds. While aficionados live in the towns and cities, for many living in rural America coffee is just a drink like any other. Both groups have two things in common: the “to-go” option is popular, and with optimized water it simply tastes better.


As a barista and roaster, I know the importance of a consistent water quality for the preparation of coffee. I am happy to pass on my experience to our customers.


The cultures of eastern Europe are as diverse as our products. Linguistically, though, we all have a common denominator, which makes a lot of things easier.


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