World of Coffee 2018, organised by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), is the biggest, brightest and most exciting coffee event of the year. It is being staged from 21-23 June at the RAI in Amsterdam – with thrilling competitions between the world's best baristas and coffee professionals, any amount of innovations from the world of coffee, interesting workshops, seminars and much more.

We at BWT water+more are continuing our successful partnership with the SCA and, for the fourth time in a row, we are lining up as event host sponsor of World of Coffee. Because coffee is our passion, and truly outstanding coffee needs the best water. Incidentally, did you know that a coffee comprises 98% water?

World of Coffee

BWT water+more: The best that can happen to your water

As a water optimisation specialist operating on an international footing, we at BWT water+more have an overview of water situations worldwide and support the international barista scene with our full know-how. We know what really counts – comprehensive protection for machinery against limescale and corrosion. And we have the vision for much, much more: more enjoyment, and more success – through our sensory water optimisation, enabling baristas to reach unimaginable heights of flavour and celebrate boundless triumphs. Anywhere in the world, and whatever the water situation. Modern water treatment extracts the maximum flavour from the brown beans! And that is true everywhere and at all times, regardless of the point of use. For problem-free repeatability and boundless enjoyment. That requires comprehensive vision for the water situations around the world. And because this far-sighted vision is precisely what we do, we invite you to visit us in Amsterdam.


BWT water+more

Filter and reverse osmosis for multidimensional water optimisation

BWT bestmax
The all-rounder for water optimisation in the food service sector

The natural one with the unique zero formula for silver-free natural balanced water

BWT bestprotect
The preventer of limescale and gypsum for a good pH value

The taste expert with BWT magnesium technology improved extraction and crema

BWT bestaqua COFFEE
Reverse osmosis with remineralisation for consistently better water


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