And the winner is: Joanna Lawson!

Joanna Lawson is pretty zippy when she's out and about. And especially since she won our prize draw at World of Coffee 2016 and is now the proud owner of a trendy World Birdy comfort folding bike from Riese & Müller. Congratulations! "I'm delighted with it," says the 33-year-old who already at a young age has many years of experience as a coffee trader under her belt. She is a practised coffee pro, has also studied languages and speaks fluent Spanish.

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All that comes in extremely handy working for speciality coffee company, Caravela Coffee (formerly Virmax), which has its roots in Colombia in Latin America. "On top of that, the company reflects my own professional interest in speciality coffees focusing on countries of origin and recognition for local coffee farmers," says Joanna. In recent years, Caravela Coffee has set up purchasing, production and export operations in Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru and maintained branches in Australia and the USA.

As a Director and Leading Trader, Joanna Lawson is currently involved in building up Caravela Coffee's European business in London. The first European office of the eco-friendly coffee trader is located in the hip district of Shoreditch, an excellent location for commuting by bike. "It’s environmentally friendly, healthy and fits our corporate philosophy perfectly." The company is resolutely committed to fairness, sustainability and quality and runs its own coffee marketing operation with maximum transparency across the entire value-added chain – from coffee-growing to processing.

"Each load of coffee is cupped at Caravela, as quality is the cornerstone of our business model. So of course sensory testing is essential," explains Joanna. "And as London water isn't exactly ideal for making coffee, you first have to improve it." In many areas of the United Kingdom, chlorine is added to the drinking water which of course comes through in the taste. Also in London much of the water is supplied through the old pipe systems. So it's a no-brainer for Joanna: "When we set up our cupping laboratory in London, we'll use filters from BWT water+more. Because top product quality and the sensory experience are absolutely paramount for us."

BWT – the best thing that can happen to your water


Every country has its own unique coffee tradition, every town or city its own water. Bringing coffee culture and the local water into the best harmony – that's what we at BWT water+more are there for. Our international water experts know the particular water situations locally inside out. And we have the right technologies to ensure that users always get the best possible water in order to achieve first-class results in the cup. At up to 98 %, water forms the lion's share of coffee. That makes its sensory system crucial for the overall taste result. We at BWT water+more know how perfect multidimensional water optimisation works – after all, we invented it. It's when we bring the extremely wide range of local water qualities, the appropriate water optimisation possibilities and the wide and varied nature of coffee into optimum combination. And we also offer the world's largest product range of filter solutions. Baristas around the globe are using our tools simply because they work. Our specialists in over 60 countries across the world know the precise relationship between water, the senses and the flavour of coffee. This international team is also familiar with the specific local water quality and can find exactly the right technology for the particular point of use. For the best taste results and even more success with coffee. Wherever you are in the world, our specialists will be happy to advise you!

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BWT water + more - Logo
BWT water + more - Logo
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Worldwide water expertise for local solutions


Dr. Frank Neuhausen

Hello! Our philosophy is gaining ground internationally. We can best serve the coffee business by offering leading water technology for limescale prevention and the sensory system.


Dragan Dekic

Hi! Internationally, there is an almost infinite variety of water quality. We have a broad portfolio of technologies for optimising every single one of them around the world for the best limescale prevention and taste in cup and mug.


Manfred Knauseder

Grüß Gott! Austrian coffee culture has a long tradition. And we have wild young baristas. All coffee enthusiasts in the country reap the benefits of our water optimisation for protection of the machinery and for the sensory system.


Stefaan Esprit
Belgium & The Netherlands

Hallo, bienvenue! Here coffee is a lifestyle with a long and cherished tradition and gourmets who insist on quality. The same goes for the water and its perfect optimisation for the coffee.


Jesper Vos

Hej! In Scandinavia we drink incredible amounts of coffee! It's great that here we can offer all coffee-lovers the best solutions for optimising their water.


Christophe Latuilerie

Bonjour! In France it's rare to have a meal that isn't crowned with a coffee. Speciality coffees, too, are on the march everywhere. It's good to know that we have water optimisation solutions for every type of coffee.


Michael Hübner

Hallo! Our country offers all the water qualities you could imagine, from ultrahard to extra soft. It's great to be able to offer coffee-lovers multidimensional solutions for water optimisation.


Vera Petro

Csaó! Coffee culture is vibrant in Hungary. The classic mocca and the new coffee specialities enjoy the benefit of the knowledge of our coffee enthusiasts and our solutions for water optimisation.


Sergio Barbarisi

Ciao! A coffee consists of up to 98% water. It's time to focus on the taste of the water. This message and our water optimisation products are very well received in the homeland of espresso and the like.


Paweł Dutkiewicz

Cześć! The whole of Poland is discovering good coffee and opening new cafés every day. And for this booming business we offer filter solutions for perfect limescale prevention and the best taste.


David Gasull
Spain & Portugal

Hola, olá! In almost no other region does coffee have as many faces as it does here. And everyone is convinced that they have the best coffee in the world. So it's good to know that we are doing all we can to ensure the water for this coffee meets this high standard.


Werner Salzmann

Salü! In Switzerland we have very demanding coffee gourmets. We know that they will only be satisfied with the very best. And only our water filtration solutions when it comes to the water.


William Hinton

Hi! We Brits may love tea, but we drink more coffee. Many coffee enthusiasts swear by our method of water optimisation. After all, it's the taste that counts.

Water optimisation for the whole world of coffee

First-class coffee would be inconceivable without the best water as the basis. The two go together like espresso and crema, cappuccino and milk foam. Or like BWT water+more and you: the international squad of baristas, roasters and machine manufacturers. What do we have in common? The value we place on the skills and expertise of each and every one of you. And especially the huge passion we share for really good coffee!

We were the first in the world not only to reliably prevent limescale and thereby provide effective protection for your machines, but also to ensure the best sensory technology for the water – completely independently of the point of use. Cape Town or Copenhagen, Linz or Los Angeles – baristas around the globe are going crazy about our technology. Why? Quite simply because it works perfectly and helps them prepare magnificent coffees. And earn good money doing so. Did you know that most of the latest solutions developed for water optimisation come from us?

BWT water+more

BWT water + more - Logo
BWT water + more - Logo
BWT water + more - Logo
BWT water + more - Logo

Filter and reverse osmosis for multidimensional water optimisation

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The all-rounder for water optimisation in the food service sector

The natural one with the unique zero formula for silver-free natural balanced water

BWT bestprotect
The preventer of limescale and gypsum for a good pH value

The taste expert with BWT magnesium technology improved extraction and crema

BWT bestaqua COFFEE
Reverse osmosis with remineralisation for consistently better water


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